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Lemongrass Pork Spare Ribs

Final- Lemongrass Pork Spare Ribs, Yes to CookingThe best thing about cooking and eating is the ability to “transport” yourself to a different country each time you taste a dish.  Each cuisine has its distinct balance of flavors that evokes a distinct culture and cooking tradition.  So let’s visit Thailand today!

As its name suggests, lemongrass has a citrus aroma and subtle lemon taste, which lend a unique fragrance to this dish.  Lemongrass holds up to cooking, with the flavor intensifying the longer it’s cooked. Balancing this with the savoriness of the fish sauce and oyster sauce makes these spare ribs completely addictive and a great introduction to a Thai flavor profile!

Total Time: 35 minutes

Ingredients:Ingredients- Lemongrass Pork Spare Ribs, Yes to Cooking
400g pork spare ribs, short
80g lemongrass
.5 tbsp. fish sauce
2 tsp. soy sauce
2 tsp. oyster sauce
oil (approx. 4 tbsp.)
white ground pepper to taste



1) Cut lemongrass into .25 inch long pieces and cut lengthwise again.  Cover pieces with water just until they are immersed.  Soak overnight.
2) Wash and pat dry pork spare ribs.  Cut into small pieces (leave meat on both sides of the bone when cutting).
3) Marinate pork spare ribs with fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and a dash of white ground pepper.
4) Place soaked lemongrass pieces and approximately 1.5 tbsp. of the liquid into a food processor.  Blend until very fine.
5) Add lemongrass to the marinating pork spare ribs.  Set aside in refrigerator for at least 1 hour so that the flavors can develop.
6) Coat bottom of pan generously with oil (approx. 4 tbsp. but adjust amount depending on the size of your pan).
7) Add pork chops and marinade into pan.  Cook with a low heat for about 25 minutes until golden brown and thoroughly cooked.


This recipe uses pork spare ribs with a short bone cut; however, you may also choose to substitute them with pork chops or long pork spare ribs.  Just make sure you adjust the cooking time to ensure all pork is thoroughly cooked.

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