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Congee with Preserved Egg and Salted Pork

Final- Congee with Preserved Egg and Salted Pork

Congee (粥)is a thick rice porridge that’s extremely popular in Asian cuisine and served as either breakfast or a meal substitute.  There are many variations of cooking congee; and, it’s really a matter of personal preference as to the final consistency.    This recipe for congee with preserved egg and salted pork (皮蛋瘦肉粥) is known to “lower the body’s fire” (下火) because it is said to tame body inflammation, which often results from eating too many deep-fried or grilled foods.

Total Time: 45 minutes

Ingredients:Ingredients- Congee with Preserved Egg and Salted Pork
1.5 cups of Jasmine white rice
8 oz. of pork loin, sliced
2 lead-free preserved eggs, peeled and diced
1 sheet dried bean curd, cut into small pieces
1 tbsp. corn oil
2.5 tbsp. salt
ground white pepper to taste

1) Wash and marinate rice overnight with oil and 1 tbsp. salt.  In a separate container, marinate the pork overnight with the remaining salt.  Refrigerate rice and pork until ready to use.
2) Bring 3 liters of water to a boil in a pot.  Add marinated rice and continue boiling over a high heat for approximately 35 minutes.
3) Add the dried bean curd pieces and boil until the pieces are completely integrated with the rice and barely visible.
4) Add marinated pork and diced preserved eggs.  Congee is ready once the pork is thoroughly cooked, approximately 8 minutes.
5) Remove congee from heat.  Season with ground white pepper and serve hot.  

Marinating the uncooked rice with salt and oil helps to make the porridge milky and smooth.  Another important step is to ensure that the water is already boiling before adding the rice.  This prevents the rice from settling at the bottom of the pot and getting burnt.  Some people may also choose to add a ceramic spoon to the pot with the boiling rice, since the spinning of the spoon inside the pot would prevent the problem of rice depositing at the bottom.

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