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Salmon Chazuke: Oolong Tea with Rice

Chazuke: Oolong Tea with Rice and Salmon- Yes to CookingThe possibilities are endless when it comes to chazuke (茶漬け, ちゃづけ) which is popularly served as a light meal or snack throughout Japan.  Oolong tea, green tea, or dashi is poured over rice that is served with savory toppings.  This time, we’re using roasted smoked salmon and toasted nori for this quick-fix at home dish; however, feel free to add or substitute with pickled plums (umeboshi), fish roe (tarako), grilled shrimp, grilled eel, shiitake mushrooms, or toasted sesame seeds.  

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 1 serving

1.5 oz roasted smoked salmon
1 cup cooked brown rice
2 tsp. oolong tea leaves
2 cups hot water
toasted nori/seaweed, shredded (amount according to preference)

1) Wash tea leaves by pouring enough hot water to just cover tea leaves in a tea pot and then drain.  Pour remaining hot water into tea pot and allow the tea to steep for 10 minutes.
2) Place cooked brown rice in a bowl and top with roasted smoked salmon.
3) Carefully pour tea around the inside edge of the bowl to help topping keep its shape.
4) Sprinkle shredded nori and serve immediately.

  Chazuke: Oolong Tea with Rice and Salmon- Yes to Cooking

Chazuke: Oolong Tea with Rice and Salmon- Yes to Cooking

Chazuke: Oolong Tea with Rice and Salmon- Yes to Cooking

5 thoughts on “Salmon Chazuke: Oolong Tea with Rice

  1. You have brought cooking to the next level! I have seen something like that from an culinary book that is based on recipes from thousands of years in china. There is this dish made for the emperor. Oolong tea poured over rice crackers 锅巴 and boiled shrimp.

    • That’s a huge compliment, thank you! I enjoy making chazuke whenever I want to put a twist to eating leftover rice. I always knew this as a Japanese dish, and wasn’t aware that Chinese traditional cuisine also mentions this 🙂 -Veronica

  2. The most unique cuizine that i though could be possibly is freeze cold seafood korean noddle soup,
    This is tempting to try n since it hot, don’t you think that unagi will suites with the dish???
    i had some on my freezer…

    • Cold noodles are delicious for summertime! Are you referring to Kongguksu 콩국수 with the soy milk?

      Unagi would be great with this chazuke; and there really is an infinite number of ingredient combinations. You can also add some green onions and sesame seeds to top it off. Oh my, I wish I had some unagi on hand 🙂 -Veronica

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