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Travel Eats (Hong Kong): Peking Garden Restaurant

What is the best place to satisfy a peking duck (北京烤鴨) craving when in Hong Kong?  Stop by Peking Garden Restaurant (北京樓) which wonderfully prepares this famous duck dish that traces its history back to the imperial era.  Thin slices, consisting mostly of the crispy skin, are prepared right when you order.  Peking duck is usually served with paper-thin pancakes, scallions and/or cucumbers, and hoisin sauce.  Diners assemble tiny packages of culinary goodness with a pancake and adding a slice of duck in the middle of the wrapper.  Top it with a sliver of scallion and cucumber and a light drizzle of hoisin sauce.  Wrap the pancake into a tiny package, (almost like a burrito) and be prepared for deliciousness.

Do save some room for dessert to try the apple and banana fritters (拔絲).  Pieces of fruit are coated and fried with sugar.  These fritters are then dipped into a bowl of cold soda water at your table.  The result gives a hard, caramelized coating to the fritters.  The Chinese name for these fritters actually refers to the thin, airy strands of hardened sugar that develop after the fritters are pulled out of the soda water.


This restaurant also gives you a glimpse into the traditional art of hand-pulled noodles.   All diners’ heads eagerly turned to follow a chef who came out with a wheeled cart that carried a piece of dough and flour.  The dough of Beijing style hand-pulled noodles is very different from others due to its flexibility and elasticity, which allows it to be continuously kneaded and twirled.  The chef proceeded to skillfully maneuver and twist the dough clockwise once and counter clockwise next.  And before you know it, the lump of dough had become thin, long strands of noodles!

Shop B1, Basement 1, Alexandra House, 16-20 Chater Road, Central

Tel: 2526 6456


7 thoughts on “Travel Eats (Hong Kong): Peking Garden Restaurant

    • I hadn’t had it for years too before this visit to the restaurant. It’s a great dish when done the duck is prepared properly!

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