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Travel Eats (Hong Kong): Come-Into ChiuChow Restaurant

Depending on the region and province, the culinary history and flavor profile of foods vary greatly within a country.  When it comes to Teochew cuisine, also known as Chiucho, Chaozhou, or Chaoshan, it’s all about highlighting the natural flavor of the ingredient.  Compared to other Chinese cuisines, Teochew is less heavy on flavoring and depends more on the quality of the ingredients themselves.  This is why steaming, poaching, and braising are the chosen preparation methods in Teochew, as opposed to more familiar Chinese methods of stir-frying and deep-frying.

Come-Into ChiuChow (金燕島潮州酒樓) is a restaurant that is well-known amongst locals, despite its unusual English name.  The meal starts with a serving of very strong oolong tea in tiny cups, which are known as Gongfu Cha and meant to cleanse the palate with a bittersweet taste.  Seafood and braised meats are Teochew cuisine’s forte which is why the chilled spotted sea crab (凍蟹), chilled fish (凍魚), and braised goose (滷水鵝) are must tries.  For those who love the Cantonese version of congee, a thick rice porridge with a variety of mixed-in ingredients, the Teochew congee (潮州粥) will be an interesting variation.  Whereas the former has a dense consistency when the rice is boiled until it falls apart, the latter is much thinner with the rice sitting loosely at the bottom of the bowl.  End the meal with the yin-yang crystal buns (水晶包) which are steamed mochi-like dumplings that are filled with a sweet paste.  Bean paste made from mung beans or red azuki beans are popular options for this dessert.

1/F Prat Mansions, 26-36 Prat Avenue Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: 2322 0020

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